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Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Chapter

6 years ago Grand Opening

Where has time gone? We arrived in Carthage 7 years ago to take over and restore the Precious Moments Island. It took a year but we did it. We were able to minister to a lot of pastors there. Then Oak Assembly came open, and we pastored there. So many amazing things happened there giving them a second chance. Then God appointed us to shut down a very confused church. No more pain and hurt for other Pastors and other Believers. Now the district can take from that and plant many more healthy churches. Then we took on a rescue mission/ church plant until we could place her into a safe place when the time was right.  We have learned so much. It was like God put us in a real life Ministry Boot Camp. Our life's pantry is stocked full. So, after a year later, Life Church and Promise Church are coming together for those needing a home church. We know not all will stay, but so many felt comfortable at Life Church, that is to be expected. Others have tried other Assembly of God Churches and have made North Point their new home Church. Where ever God leads them we know the best is yet to come!
 Carthage was an amazing place for my family to learn and grow. My boys have grown so much and now a wonderful opportunity  has come that we can not pass up. (more about that later) An open door for What God has called us to do. Celebrating 9 years with Tour of Life.

 Sad yet sweet time for us as we take a break from ministry for a few months. Rest, Renew and Restore..(.hoping a lot of traveling will be in the mix)
Practice what we preach.  Our Future is bright! Excited for the next chapter!
Stay tuned, I will be posting  pictures and video of our services. We love the Walshes. We have known them for over 25 years. They are great pastors. Same vision... May God Bless the future of  Life Church.