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During our first pastorate in Perryville, Missouri, we had so many great experiences. One of those experiences was meeting a young man at t...

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Memory Lane

Almost 22 years ago Anthony and I went from being youth pastors to launching Crane Evangelistic Ministries. For 8 years we traveled to hundreds of churches and seen a lot ( numbers irrelevant ) of souls come to Christ, healed, delivered and receive the Holy Spirit baptism. It was quite an adventure. Almost 2 years after we married along came Austin. He was our traveling buddy. In our travel trailer and a van, then a Suburban and finally a dually truck. We covered 38 states by the time we were in our late twenties. We spent some of the  summers ministering in Canada. Eventually, Anthony did Crusades in India. My point is when you come to Christ and say yes....your life takes on a whole new meaning and adventurous journey. Did we make mistakes along the way as we grew in ministry, absolutely. That is one of is life's best learning curves. We learned about faith. We learned that ministry is not always easy. But looking back....it is all worth it!