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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Broken Thyroid Called Hyperthyroidism

Up at 5:15

A day in my life. ...Enjoy the random writing and clean eating food ideas...
Boys up at 6:15
It is a rainy kind of day.

Veg. Scrambled eggs

And coffee with one of these...

At the Gym (hate)
By 8 am for 45 to an hour depending on how much my day is packed.

One of the songs on my play list besides all of the fast oldies  and Shake It Off (keep your roar,anger and dirty language....this is not high school any more honey....haters... gonna hate just shake it off) is

.I do have a long list of fast worship as well.

Wish I could snuggle up with a pastry and coffee at Panera Bread with my hubby..but if I even look at a carb (gluten) I will gain 3 lbs.

What keeps me motivated? 

It's not about looking great with a sexy body for all the perverts to see. It's not having the late cycle Snowwhite Sydrome where you have to be chosen by a panel stating you are the prettiest. (Fairest of the land) Only to be beat by a younger competition years later. I don't value any of that. I admire being fit and working hard and getting results...that's admirable . I dont get caught up in complete fantasy foolish crap. Please make it stop  (All About the Bass) being airbrushed and photoshopped is nuts. A little help is makeup, hair dye and fake nails. Be real! Fake hair, veneers, fake boobs, BOTOX shots isn't you. Thats a lot of help! PLEASE. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME DREAMING temperal ADMIRATIONs.
Do something worth while. ...start a nonprofit and help somebody.

   I don't need to be admired and adored. I already am, By my Heavenly Father. This earth is a small vapor compared to eternity.

 HEALTH is the reason! I have a broken Thryroid. It's called Hyperthyroidism. 

I am believing complete healing.  Until then I am doing all I know to do.
If it's not in check it can lead to heart issues.
Dr. Shull. Is a good Doctor.
I have been on this health journey for 2 and half years. I remember  a time when I could not even go up a flight of stairs.

Between her and most of all God we got through a storm.
It's been almost three years but my body is getting leveled out. Thank you Jesus!

She is on my list of places I have to go today. Visiting Dr. SHULL..

I will post typical foods I normally eat as I continue to level out onto good health.
Found good site for crockpot real foods recipes. 
I have
Choc. Protein shake
Made with ice and coconut almond milk


Added a small piece of dark chocolate 70 percent cocoa
Start on second bottle of water (1liter)
2:00 shake

Taco Bar for my guys
Me a Taco Salad
And another new liter of water

Yes I made Strawberry pie.....no I didn't eat it :(

8:00 I will have a mozzarella stick and a small handful of pretzels.

So there you have it!