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Friday, January 29, 2016

Real Connection

True and real friendship is never one sided.
If your the one who is always reaching out to connect, invite over, giving, remembering b-days, arranging times of fellowship, and calling and they never take the time to do that for you, then its one sided. This could be family as well. I have made it my 2016 to limit my list, including family, who never reach out to connect to us or be apart of our lives.( I am not talking about casual friendships or friends from the past) Love and bonding is not that if its not coming from both sides. Move on! People do what they really want to do. They will make it happen. I don't care if your from another culture or overseas, selfish love is not love. This year find real friendships to cultivate. A good test after you have reached out many times, is asking yourself this question? Are they reaching back? Do they take the time to call without needing something? If not let them go. It could be God is saving your circle for real connection and he will be the one to open the door.
Good article to read: http://theodysseyonline.com/tennessee-chattanooga/friend-really-wasnt-friend/296635