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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Stop Competing

I have to write something here..... I want to share with you a life lesson.
I could not pass this up without saying something. As I was growing  up there were two girls who thought it was their mission in life to compete with me. Honestly, I was just being myself and just wanted to be friends. Second girl thought it was her mission to flaunt every new,  flashy, perfect thing, and political position she could accomplish in her self absorbed world. Her kids were the brightest, she was the ever so "I am so much better than every one else," Look at me...I am perfect attitude, finally I saw how pathetic and small her tiny world was and how there was not room enough for the both of us. I just wanted to remind her every time she came over to brag.....EVERYTHING  she has, including her position, is from the prepaved/continuing  work of her father-n-law. If it wasn't for him,  to this day, her life would be completely different. (Reality) (this blog is not to demean, embarrass, or to take away the hard work over the years that their team has helped them to build and accomplish,....its a life lesson I learned 20 years ago that I need to share today)
God led us out through an amazing journey I see how childish it all was. Now, 20 years later, that was in our teens and twenties.  I am sure life lessons has taught her more reality. Growing past all that nonsense has brought me...the real me out. The one God meant for me to be. Investing into others is truly the most fulfilling thing that a person can be called to. If you are young and struggling in ministry, keep your eyes on your own lane. If you are in a group that continues to cultivate petty shallow competition. ..get out! Move on....Gods calling you to a higher playing field of living.  You will be so glad you did!