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Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It is new with no mistakes in it., full of GRACE!


Thursday, April 7, 2016


As you have probably figured out I am strong, independent, creative and sensitive. I am a girly girl! My house is filled with guys, but I am the queen of the home. I like tea parties, art, music, fancy Southern things, fashion and traveling, but can hike with the best of them. I love lace, pink, candles, design, and dresses. But I will wrestle to skin an animal if I have too, clean a fish, and pick up worms. Give me a golf club, and a fishing pole. I will pack a gun. I am not career obsessed, but called, purpose focused. I will pray all night if need be. I love God! Love America! I am loyal and faithful. I don't need to get half naked to get attention from any other men or build my numbers for blogs or instagram. I have my man and the rest is non of your business! I am complete, chosen, loved, through Christ. I am equally both introvert and extroverted. I don't have anything to prove. I don't need position to make me feel worth while. One thing I Know for sure, I know who I am. I am confident through Christ! I honestly don't give a hoot about anyones opinions of me. I don't need my name in lights. He knows my name!I  am uniquely and wonderfully made. I don't seek to be stuck in a small box living by everyone's else's rules that are not in the word of God! I like to mix it up yet love a routine. I work hard, play hard and dream big. I go after ALL my dreams. I plan things out. I love myself so I can truly love others.
I love my family like no other! I have an amazing inner circle of supported girlfriends. (Mostly family) I have a wonderful mother who is one of my best friend's. I know where I am going. Yet, I know how to follow. I hate petty six grade competition, trying to prove your so much better....nonsense, we all have our best areas. YOU LoSE ME when you become gossipy.We are all equal at the cross. PERIOD!!!
I am deep, but can be light hearted. I struggle with areas like everyone does. I seek to improve and overcome daily by his strength. Cross me, I will try to hold my tounge....cross my child and I will not hold back it will take the holy spirit to help me. I love ministry, hate being sucked to death by selfish, lazy people who call themselves Christians, grow up! I seek to help and pull the hurting, broken and the fallen. I am not the Savior, but I can introduce you to him.
I know who I am! Do you? Relax Gods got your life if your completely surrendered. Know who you are in Christ today.