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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Fun!

Our sabbatical has taken on many forms and experiences.
Today, I did something outside of my comfort zone!!! CosPlay ......persuaded by my son Spencer. Ok, so its like a comic expo with all the fantasy figures both good and bad. Of course, I am for all the good guys! ( Flash, Superman, Batman, etc...)
Spencer entered into the costume contest. He did a great job! I felt like a woman totally out of place. So many people stopped him to take a picture.....geeking out. But it was all in good fun and also a great time for my boy's to learn about light and darkness.

Car used in Back To The Future 

Later I got back into my comfort zone and made something healthy for dinner.

Full of goodies from slivered almonds, cheese, bacon bits to sliced boiled eggs.....
SALMON Patties