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Friday, April 29, 2016

What's For Dinner

Last night I made something new.

Enchilada Bake
I used pkg. Cornbread box
1cp sourcream
1can of cream corn
Mix and bake in a round iron skillet.

Top, after baked with enchilada sauce  (poke holes in cornbread)
Diced onions, cilantro
Fried, seassoned ground beef (fully cooked and drained)
Topped with lots of cheese
Bake 350 till cheese is golden

Austin and I made pickles filled with cream cheese and covered with wonton wrappers and fried. You can also take coconut oil and brush the oil on them and bake at 425 till golden.... watch close
And wontons filled with ched. Cheese and cream cheese

Added beans and rice as a side
Mango salsa and chips

Dessert: orange cream icecream on a stick